Apr 19, 2004
I'm back!

Well, it's been a while again since I wrote something.  It wasn't very exciting the past few weeks.  Still, I would like to keep this blog going, as some of you (my friends and others) are reading my blogs.  :)

We had a lovely Easter.  On Easter Sunday we went to Jo's aunt for brunch and in the evening we went to visit my parents.  Easter Monday, Jo and I had a nice day at home.  :)

It was a nice day this passed Thursday.  My godmother, Mark, Kevin and Wim came here for a visit.  :)  My godmother is my dad's sister, but they are not on speaking terms for a few years now.  Still, I always held contact with them.  Anyway, they came with the train from Tervuren around 11.30 AM.  I went to greet them at the station and then we had a walk around Hasselt.  i also bought Kevin a poster for his birthday.  Around 3 PM in the afternoon, we went home to have a piece of pie.  Around 5.30 PM they took the train back.  Later on the evening we went to a party with Stefan, Jessy, Erik and Tamara.  We didn't stay too long, as everyone had to work (except me), but also, I had a very busy and early day on Friday.

Well, had a very exciting day on Friday.  I was allowed to walk along in a beauty parlor.  :)  Which was very educating!  :)  Jo had sent me this advert on Wednesday of a place where they were looking for a beautician.  With a lot of support from Jo, I got the courage to write them an email.  I then got an email back, saying that they were going to call me to come to their parlor.  I already was surprised when I got that email back, but I was even more surprised when I got a phone call from the parlor, telling me that I could tag along on Friday.  :)

Anyway, I was very nervous for Friday, but all went well.  :)  I didn't really work there, just tagged along.  Got to do some manicures, which was a bit stressful as they do it differently then what we learn at school.  Still, the other girls helped me a lot.  It was a very tiring, but very educational day.  :)  The boss even suggested to come in from time to time and help out.  That way I practice.  She's right you know!  That day I saw so many different nails and got to practice on all of them!  :)

Friday evening my parents came here to give Jo's birthday present.  We had a piece of pie and later in the evening we went out with Stefan, Jessy, Erik, Tamara and even Steven.  Apparently Steven has broken up with Diandra *small happy dance*.  Anyway, it was a nice evening.  We also got the invitations to Stefan and Jessy's wedding.  :)  It is a nice invitation.  Stefan made it himself.  What I did find a bit unpolite is that Erik and Tamara, left right after the were given the invitation.  They are such a strange couple sometimes.  Oh well.

On Saturday, Jo first went to Misja's shop to buy football shoes.  What he didn't know was that he was going to get them from Misja and Caroline, for his birthday.  Ofcourse he was thrilled when he got back home.  After that we had a walk in Diest and had a drink and ice-cream.  In the evening we went to a cultural event with Stefan, Jessy and Steven. 

Yesterday I stayed home, while Jo went to play football with his friends and tested his new football shoes. 

Today it's Jo's birthday.  He already got my present to him: tickets to the "Harlem Globetrotters".  :)  He's very trhilled with that!  :)

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist again!  Iech!  I just hope I won't suffer as much as the other times I went.  :)  On Wednesday I'm going with my parents to "Keukenhof" in the Netherlands.  then on Thursday it's back to evening school.  We've had a two week break for the Easter Holidays.  But, now it's back to the study books, because we have two exams again in two weeks. 

The downside is that I'm still unemployed.  I'm getting slightly stressed.  I hope I'll get a new job soon.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Mar 19, 2004
Went to another job interview!

Well, went Wednesday to another job interview.  It went much better than the one last Monday.  :)  The man didn't ask any stupid or private questions.  It was just a conversation between two persons.  This man works for himself and has been doing this for about a year now.  I was there for about an hour and a half.  Which was quite long!  He started to explain and show the way he works.  Jo thinks that this is a good sign.  We'll see.  I'm not realy sure if I would like to have this job.  As he works for himself, that's a bit risky.  Last year was a very good year for him, but who know, maybe next year it won't be such a good year.  Also, my paycheck wasn't that very well.  But, he said we could agree on a price.  I don't realy know what to do.  Especially because I don't want to do this my entire life!  I'm not doing the beautician course for nothing!  Anyway, he was going to let me know his decision by the end of the month.  Jo also said that I shoulden't take the job, if he's sticking to the low paycheck.  I agree.

Anyway, it's probably since last Tuesday or so that I've written.  Well, let's see.  On Wednesday I finally got to go to aerobics class again!  It felt so good!  :)  Did have a little bit pain the day after, but it was ok.  :)  At least then you feel that you've been working out!  :)  On Thursday I was a bit nervous because we had a test again in the evening.  But it went very well.  After the test we learned to massage the hand.  It was my turn to work, so I didn't feel much.  Anyway, on Friday Jo came home earlier because he worked very late the day before.  So, we took the opporunity to drop my car of at the garage.  As I have car inspection soon, I had to get the car checked at the garage first.  In the evening I had to go to school again.  After school, Jo and I went out for drinks by ourselves.

On Saturday we went to the city and also did some grocery shopping.  When we got home I had a chat with Sarah and Vanessa (the daughters from my mother-in-law's boyfriend Donald) on MSN.  In the evening we kinda were going out with Stefan and Jessy, but as they were at Jessy's father, they coulden't come anymore.  So, Jo and I were already in the city, so we just had a drink by ourselves.  On Sunday Jo and I had a walk in the woods and in the evening we were expected at Tamara's for lasagna and desert.  We stayed there till about 10 PM.  It was a nice and cosy evening.  Still, everyone was very tired.  I think it's because Spring is in the air.  :)

Monday and Tuesday I worked a bit for school.  Tuesday evening we went to pick up my car again.  On Wednesday I was a bit nervours the entire day because of the job interview.  In the evening we had pancakes!  That was a long time since I ate that!  :)  Yesterday my parents came by.  Dad and I went to the car inspection. The car is totally cleared, except for the tires!  Ofcourse!  Apparently the law has changed since January on broad tires!  Apparently my tires are a wee bit too broad!  Like only 2 sizes or something!  Please!  I was so pissed!  I mean, I have the car for about three years now and alwas got cleared with the tires!  Unbelievable!  Luckily I've got time to return to the car inspection untill the 18th of June.  So, I made a deal with my mechanic.  He's going to put other tires on my car, then I rush off to the car inspection, and once it's cleared, I rush back to my mechanic and he puts my old tires back on!  :) 

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I crammed my lesson for the evening in my head and in the evening I took the test.  It also went very well!  :)  Diana, Vicky's partner was a bit upset because she forgot to learn a part of the lesson.  So, she started to cry and even left during the test.  She probably had a rough week and this was just too much.  Evi, my partner, wasn't there either, which we tought was strange, so Vicky and I teamed up together.  I had sent a message to Evi today and apparently she was in Antwerp for her work and coulden't notify us in time because her battery was low.  But, next week she'll be back.  :)

Well, that's about it for this week!  Take care everyone!  :)

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Mar 9, 2004
Still unemployed!

Well, I'm still out of a job.  I've been writing application letters to all sorts of companies.  Even to companies where they might not even be looking for someone.  Still you never know!  I got lucky yesterday!  Had a phone call from a company to ask if I could come for an interview.  Which I did, but it didn't go well.  At the beginning of the conversation everything went fine, but towards the end he started to ask me difficult questions.  Actually questions he had no business asking.  Things like, why didn't I go to college and stuff!  Also, why I was such a long time unemployed in 2001 (7 months).  I mean, what is a person supposed to answer?  I have my reasons why I didn't go to college and also why I was unemployed for so long!  Also, he was kinda accusing me, during that time I was unemployed for 7 months, of not looking for a job.  What does he think?  That I'm just going to explain all the things that happened in my life?  I don't think so!!!  Nah, I didn't like it at all.  Anyway, there were other candidates also, so I'm not really hoping too much.  It could be I might be invited for a second interview, but I don't think so.  Oh well, I don't even know if I would want to work for a boss like that.  We'll see.  In the mean time, I'm still looking.

Let's talk about something else.  It was a nice week last week.  Did the housework, looked for jobs and also worked a bit for my beautician course.  I wanted to go to aerobics on Wednesday evening, but it seemed as if the pain that Jo was experiencing last week in his leg, was reflected on me.  I stood up with an annoying pain in my leg, the same place and side as Jo had!  Coincidence???  I don't know!  :)  Anyway, I didn't dare go to aerobics class, so I had to cancel it again. By the time I went back to bed, it was better.  On Thursday I applied for a few companies again and in the evening I went to the beautician course.  My friend Vicky coulden't come because she was sick.  So, I noted stuff for her too.  It was fun just listening to the teacher and not having to do much.  :)  I was a bit tired anyway.  :)  Had a fun time with Diana.  She is Vicky's partner in the class. 
On Friday I had to get up early because I was going shopping with Jessy. :)  Finally after having to postpone our day out nearly everytime we wanted to go!  :)  It was as if the gods didn't want us to go shopping together!  :)  Anyway, it was a fun day.  She's a nice girl.  I'm glad, because I finally got to know her a bit better.  Which I think is very important.  It was fun to get out of the flat for once and having a "girl's talk".  :)  I bought two new tops, a scarf and Blue's new cd.  Around 4 PM in the afternoon we were kinda finished with shopping, so we went to have a couple of drinks and had a lovely chat.  Then we decided to go home.  It was a fun day.  And we were very lucky with the weather too.  :)  In the evening Jo and I went out for drinks.

On Saturday we went shopping for groceries and after that I also did the ironing.  Then around 9 PM Jessy and Stefan were here.  We all went out for drinks.  It was a fun evening!  :)  On Sunday we went out for dinner with Jessy, Stefan, Elke and Bart.  We all had a nice dinner and enjoyed the evening.  Jo, Stefan and Bart finally decided what their party concept will be.  See, on this music channel here in Belgium, they're holding a competition where you can send in ideas for a wonderful party, a night out!  They've entered the contest and now all we have to do is wait and see if they'll win it.  The winners get to organise this party with the music channel and also get a certain budget to spend.  So, fingers crossed!!!!  :)

Altough it wasn't a good day yesterday because of the job interview that sucked, there was something fun!  With my parents, I went to get our new dining table!  :)  A few weeks ago we had ordered a new dining table and now it's here!  It really looks good and we're very happy with it.  We even had dinner on it already in the evening!  :)  Now all we still need to buy are new chairs!  :)

Today I'm studying a bit for my beautician class.  On Thursday we have a test that the teacher had postpone.  Then tomorrow I'll probably do the same thing.  But, I hope I will be able to go aerobics class tomorrow!  :)  I can feel (legs feel tired sometimes, I'm quicker out of breath, stuff like that)that I haven't been going for a while now!  :)

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Mar 2, 2004
Still without a job.

Been a week again since I've written something.  I guess writing once a week is alright.  :)  I'm still without a job.  Am looking still though, but there isn't a lot of work available.  Oh well.

Had a good week.  I didn't have evening school last week as it was schoolholiday for the children.  So, on Thursday Jo and I went to the movies.  We saw "The Last Samurai".  Not bad!  :)  Sill, I don't think that Tom Cruise shouldn't have played the role.  I think he has a too modern face.  I mean, the movie is filmed in the old days, but it doesn't make you feel like it's in the old days.  Oh well.

Weekend was quite calm.  On Friday morning it was snowing here!!  Heaps of it!!  The entire country was stuck because of the weather.  Jo didn't go to work either.  His hip was bothering him again.  The other side.  So, I went with him to the doctor's in the snow.  I didn't want him to go by himself, I was too worried that he might slip or something.  Anyway, the doctor said that it's probably because he was using that hip too much during the time he was suffering from the other side.  So, he prescribed some pain killers and now it's all finished.  :)  On Friday evening, most of the snow on the roads was melted and cleard.  So, my friends from Brussels, Sophie and her boyfriend Andy came over for drinks.

On Saturday Jo and I went to look at puppies.  We didn't buy any, just went to look.  In the evening we went out for drinks with Stephan, Jessy, Tamara and Eric.  On Sunday we didn't do much.  Jo went out for drinks in the afternoon with Stephan and Bart and I just spent some time writing emails and stuff. :)

Yesterday I went to my parents.  Dad said he still had some trouble coping with our dog Pekkie's death.  But, he's getting over it.  I understand that it's difficult for him.  Pekkie was his best friend.  My mums and I too, but we luckily said goodbye to him when we heard that he wasn't going to live long anymore.  Oh well, he'll get over it eventually.

Tomorrow going to aerobics class again after a long time!  :)  Then Thursday back to evening school.  Normally going shopping with Jessy on Friday.  And then it's weekend again!  :)

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Feb 23, 2004
Here again!

Well, back again.  It's been since the 17th that I've written something.  It was nice during the day, but in the evening it was a bit sad.  My mum called me around 6 PM to tell me that Pekkie (my dog, who's living with them) is very sick.  She had called the vet, but the vet adviced her to give one of his pills and see how things were getting along.  Unfortunately the pill didn't work, so they went to the vet.  There she told my parents that is was best to put him to sleep.  He was suffering too much.  :(  So, they did.  It was so sad when I got the call.  But, then again, it was better that way.  He was really suffering with his heart and lungs, so it was bound to happen one day.  Oh well, luckily for my mum and I, we already said goodbye to him, the day we heard from the vet that he was getting worse (that was a few months ago).  Unfortunately, my dad hadn't said goodbye then even though he got the warning it wasn't going to be long anymore, so he was crushed.  I saw him the day after Pekkie had died and he didn't look good.  He hadn't had much sleep and was hurting everywhere.  Luckily, on Thursday I saw my parents too and my dad was doing better.  Pekkie was such a nice little dog.  Oh well.

Anyway, let's talk about something else.  Well, just started my third week unemployed.  Last Thursday and Friday I had evening class.  On Friday, I picked up Carolien up from the station around midday.  Then we went to Pizza Hut to have the yummy Pizza Buffet!  :)  During our meal she received her results from her tests at school.  She's still studying for psychologist.  She was amazed that all the results were good.  In her case, that doesn't happen a lot.  :)  So, we went to get a bottle of wine to celebrate at home.  After we had come home, had a drink and talked a bit, I practiced a bit on her for my evening course.  Then in the evening we went to school.  We came home to her place where Jo (my boyfriend) was with her boyfriend.  We had a nice chat and around 2 AM we went home. 

On Saturday we went shopping.  Then in the evening Jo went out with his ex-colleagues and I had a nice quiet time at home.

On Sunday we had to go and have lunch at Jo's mum.  The kids from Donald (Jo's mum's boyfriend) were there too so we had a good time with them.

Well, that's about it again.  Gotta get the washing out.  :)

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Feb 17, 2004
Stupid Drivers!

What is wrong with the world????  Do people think that an indicator is an option that comes with the car???  Jee!  I went to return two rented DVD's ("Pirates of the Carribean" and "Down With Love") yesterday.  It's only about a 10 minutes drive but there were three cars in front of me who didn't use their indicators!!!  I get so pissed about that.  Before you know it, the suddenly decide they want to drive in to a street or they find a parking place.  Without putting their indicator on!  Unbelievable!  Oh well, that was my rant for the week.

Been a week again since I wrote something.  Had a lovely unemployed week.  I was able to do all kinds of stuff at home that was needed to do!  Last Friday I went shopping with my parents and after that we cleaned out the freezer.  By the time my boyfriend Jo had to come home, he didn't.  It was so strange.  I was a bit worried as he always calls when he is going to be late.  Anyway, he did come home eventually.  About a half hour later than usual and guess what???  He surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!!  It was for Valentine's Day.  :)  Isn't he sweet!!! :)

Anyway, on Valentine's Day we went shopping during the day as I needed some more things for my evening course.  In the evening we went, with our friends, to a special Valentine's event.  It started around 8 PM and there were all kinds of things to do like expositions, poetry readings, music and theatre.  After that was a huge party!!!  It was so much fun!!!  We really enjoyed ourselves.

On Sunday, I was sick the entire day!  Had a bit too much to drink the evening before!  Hum hum!  :)  So, as I didn't want to do too much, we rented DVD's.

This week I've been very busy with my ironing and finally today it is finished!  :)  I'm going to the union office tomorrow to sort everything for my dole money.  Not looking forward to that at all!  If you're not very early there, you can wait around for two hours or more because there's so much people there also wanting to sort out their dole money.  Also parking space is hell there.  So, I think I'm going to ask my dad to drop me off there.

Normally we're going to the movies tonight.  Finally after a very long time.  :)  We'll see what my boyfriend likes to do!

Right that's about it again.  Going to reply to some emails now!  :)

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Feb 9, 2004
It's blog time!

Well it's blog time again!  Haven't written anything since last Tuesday.  It was a very busy week for me.  Was studying for my exam for my beautician course.  I was stressing myself and working it out on my boyfriend.  Poor guy!  :(  And all this for nothing, because on Thursday the teacher decided to postpone the test!  Just because there were two girls in the class who were sick and weren't able to study.  Fine, I understand, but why postpone the test for everybody and not only for them two?  Oh well, It's kinda ok I guess.  I didn't learn that well last week, so maybe it was for the best.

Friday I also had class.  We didn't go out anymore after that.  None of our friends realy wanted to go.  :)  Friday was also my last day at work.  My contract finished.  So, this means that this week is my first unemployed week.  Gotta start looking for a job again I guess.  It might sound strange, but I do welcome this week.  Finally I have time to write emails to friends and do the household here.  Because of the exams and going to work during the day, I could never really write emails, clean or do the ironing.  Anyway, Saturday we went out with Stefan and Jessy.  During the day, Jo (my boyfriend) and I wandered around the city, but didn't really find nice clothes.  Yesterday we ordered our new dining table!  I'm so excited!!!  :)  We do have to wait for about 8 to 10 weeks before we can pick it up, but hey, it's something to look forward to.  :)  Then we still need to buy chairs, a desk and a new bedroom.  But one thing at a time!  :)  We have everything, but we are starting to replace old furniture with new.  :)

Today I haven't done much.  Been writing emails to friends, paying bills and doing our accountancy.  After this, I'm going to iron.  By the time that's nearly finished, Jo is coming home, so I have to start on the dinner.  Later on this evening I'm going to visit my parents.  Haven't seen them for a week now!  :)

I'm looking forward to this Saturday.  It's Valentine's Day and I'm wondering if Jo bought me something.  I don't think so, because we kinda agreed that we weren't going to buy eachother presents.  :)  Anyway, Saturday we are going to this special evening dedicated to Valentine's Day with Stefan and Jessy.  It starts at 7 PM and there are all sorts of things to do like poetry readings, expositions, and later in the evening there's a party!!  :)  Yeey!!!!  Dancing!  Haven't gone out dancing in a while now!  :)

Well, better get cracking on with my ironing! 
Take care!

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Feb 3, 2004
I'm back! :)

Well, here I am again.  Found my muze!  :)

Well, it has been a busy weekend!  Friday I had evening class.  We did an entire Facial.  I love doing that!  The teacher just lets us be and we are taking care of our friend.  :)  When I came home, my boyfriend, Jo,  didn't call anyone to go out for drinks.  Which was a bit sad, but still, I was a bit tired and Jo's leg was hurting (the entire week already).  On Saturday I got up very early because I was going to a Beauty and Body expostion with Vicky.  As this was in Ghent, we took the train.  After about a 2 hours train ride we finally got there.  We still had to take a bus.  Once we got to the exposition it all looked very promising, but actually it wasn't.  We were hoping that we could order material there that we need for our course and also hoping that we could subscribe ourselves to these professional magazines.  But no!!!  After an hour and a half we were already finished!!!  What a waste of time!  After that we first wanted to have a look at the shops in Ghent, but it was so pooring with rain and wind that we decided to take the train back home.  We wanted to have a drink in the city where we live close by(Hasselt), but Vicky had a headache and wanted to go home. 

So, got home to Jo who wasn't feeling better.  We had something to eat and around 7.30 PM I got ready.  We were invited to visit the flat of our friends Tamara and Erik.  We had a nice evening and it's a wonderful flat!  :)  Small, but cosy.  Ours is a bit bigger.  :) 

Then on Sunday I kinda had to study for my final exam this Thursday, but I didn't.  Tamara and Erik told us where we can find wonderful furniture shops.  Anyway, so, first we went to the doctor's as Jo coulden't stand the pain in his leg much longer and he hadn't slept well the past few days.  The doctor said it was just an infection of the hipbone.  So, he has to stay home the entire week and take it easy.  Anyway, after the doctor we went to those furniture shops.  We're looking for a new dining table.  But, not too long.  Also, as our furniture is colonial style, it's very hard to find a good sized and cheap table!  But, those furniture shops did have them.  We've seen about three that we like and we might be ordering one of them this Sunday!  :)  After shop we directly drove to my parent's flat as we were expected there for dinner.  Friends of them were there also.  We stayed there untill about 9.30 PM and then relaxed at home in front of the tv. 

Yesterday I had to go to work again.  My last week.  I was very tired.  Probably because of all the running around during the weekend.  :)  I still am tired today, but not as much as yesterday.  Yesterday evening studied for my exams and that will be the story tonight!  :) 

Oh well, better continue my work otherwise I won't have it finished by the end of the week!  :)

Take care everyone!

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Feb 1, 2004
Where is my "muze"?

As my "muze" is missing, I cannot find words to write.  So, I'll probably write tomorrow, when my "muze" has returned.  :)

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Jan 30, 2004
Thank God it's Friday! :)

Received some good news yesterday.  My boss told me that I could stay at this job for another week to finish the big pile of work I have.  :)  Ok ok, it's only a week, but for a girl who's living together with her boyfriend and has bills to pay, a week extra pay is always welcome!!!  :)

Went to beautician class last night!  :)  It was very strange, because it was the first time that I had to go alone (without my class partner, who has quit) and find me another class partner.  It went very well.  From now on I'm with Evi every Thursday.  She was always wandering from class partner, to class partner, to class partner,..., but now we've found eachother!!!  :D  Anyway, I also have an extra class every two weeks on Friday.  As I was with that other girl during those Fridays too, I had to find someone new to work with.  After choosing between Evi and Vicky, I picked Vicky.  Evi has a class partner on Friday (but can't get along well with her), but Vicky, she just can't count on her Friday class partner.  I also know her a bit better than Evi.  So, as I'm alone now, Vicky and I teamed up together.  Also, the benefit is that she lives about 5 minutes away from me, so we can drive to school together.  :)

Yesterday I also had practical exam for the "cleansing of the face".  I only had one mistake!!!  All the rest was fine!!!  So, this means I didn't flunk!  :)  I'm glad that's over, because I was very worried about it!  Unfortunately our teacher said yesterday that we have a theoretic exam this coming Thursday.  We were horrified!!!  It's about 38 questions with realy looooong answers!!!!  I think I can forget next week's aerobicsclass again!  Oh well, if we must, we must!  :)

After class, it was about 9.20 PM.  We finished earlier than other days.  Vicky came to school with a friend of hers who is in another class.  So, she had to wait for her.  I then decided to wait around with her.  There were 3 other girls from our class in the cafeteria.  We sat down with them.  In some way we started to talk about my former class partner Kelly (who has quit).  All of a sudden a girl said that it looked like we woulden't realy had gotten friends.  And I admitted it as Kelly was a very strange girl sometimes!  I also said some other stuff, which I shoulden't had!  I said something about how she ranted too much and never listened to me, but I always had to listen to her ranting.  After that, the other girl said that Kelly had phoned her recently and that they were going to visit her!!!  I was a little bit dissapointed as I didn't know them two were getting along so well with Kelly.  So, I told the girls that they shoulden't say anything what I said about her.  But, they didn't pull a convincing face.  So, I guess, once they go and visit Kelly or they get her on the phone, they will tell what I said.  Oh well, I don't realy care.  I mean, I can't get along with everyone can I??? No-one can!

Today I feel very relaxed.  It's Friday, and I'm nearly finished with work.  I'm also a bit more relaxed because I know I can come back working on Monday and because my boss has taken the day off.  :)  I'm totally alone here!  :)  This evening I have evening class again.  First time working with Vicky.  That'll work out just fine.  :)  Don't know if my boyfriend and I are going out for drinks with friends tonight.  I kinda hope so, but then, on the other hand, maybe I might be too tired to go out after that.  We'll see I guess. 

Tomorrow we're going to a beauty and body expostion.  We're going to look for some more utilities we need for our classes.  It's going to be a long day.  We're leaving around 8 AM with the train, and won't be coming back home untill about 6 PM.  Tomorrow evening we're invited over to the flat of friends of ours.  They moved in about a few weeks ago and now they would like us to see their place.  I'm curious!  :)

Well, better go.  I'm writing this at work and better get some work done!  :)

Take care!  :)

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